Quantum Trainer


This program is for coaches, consultants, keynoters and trainers or people who want to become massively successful coaches, consultants, keynoters or trainers!

Quantum Trainer has been specifically designed to get you away from working 1-on-1 to 1-on-many in your business, to leverage your time and expertise from the stage to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions per year.

Learn how to become an expert on stage, and present yourself and your message authentically while making a difference, and a lot of money doing it! 

Quantum Trainer will teach you:

¨       How to fill a room with qualified buyers. (This took us years to get right and you’ll have it in 5 days!)

¨       How to lead, teach, engage and inspire an audience.

¨       How to create topics & presentations from beginning to end that achieve massive results.

¨       How to create programs that have paying clients with you for years.

¨       How to sell from the stage using your sacred gifts and being totally REAL! This process will be tailored to your style & personality.

¨       How to ensure you do not get refunds and cancellations after people have committed to your program.

¨       How to create a six figure training business within the next 12 months.

Event Dates:  Feb 25th - March 1st, 2019 (at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel in Surrey, BC.)

Only 40 seats available!

Cost: $12,000.00 per person.

Terms: Deposit of $5,000.00 and remainder must be paid in full by Feb 1st, 2019.  1 Time Payment: $12,000.00 (save $3,000).  (Note: prices do not include applicable taxes).

Guarantee: Follow the systems & processes, and at minimum, you will have your money back within 3 months of doing the program.
If Quantum Trainer is for you, enroll now or call our office on +1-778-565-4090 or toll free on 1-844-560-5609 to secure one of the 50 seats (ONLY 22 Seat Remaining).
  • Regular - $15,000.00