Business Plan 101
9am - 5pm (1-day event)

Creating a PLAN for Success!

The most important part of any business is having a well-defined plan. That is extremely well thought out, with strong business fundamentals and written down to implement and achieve outrageous results!

Business Plan 101 is an event that takes you through a detailed process of creating an easy to follow Single Page Business Plan for your business for the next 12 - 18 months. This is more than goal setting,it's the important decisions you need to make before you even start the goal setting process.

There are key aspects that need to be decided before you even create your plan. Colin will walk you through the fundamentals that build a strong foundation on which significant results can be achieved.

Colin has designed a very unique process to take you through each and every  aspect of your business and he boils it down to a single page Business plan.

Business Plan 101 is designed to deliver results for your business and not as a plan to take to the bank for financing - that type of business plan is far more complex and requires weeks to complete.

Those business owners that follow a plan with good solid business fundamentals and understandings are the ones who achieve incredible results.

This course is for ALL Entrepreneurs & Business Owners.

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