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Would you like to earn an ongoing stream of income paid monthly from revenue generated by your referrals? If so, we would like to invite you to join our Ambassador Program.

There are no obligations on your part and you can join for free in a matter of minutes. Our referral fees are remarkably generous and you could literally earn $1,000s every month for referring people to our Introductory Evening seminar.

This program couldn't be easier to participate in, and only requires that you first sign up and then use one of the following methods to refer:

Our Ambassador Program is very simple and extremely lucrative, here is how it works:

  1. You refer anyone to our Introductory Evening Seminars and you receive $20 for them coming out and attending the entire event.
  2. When they decide to take advantage of the offer on the evening and attend Business Mastery – Power in YOU we will keep your referral on file for future commissions.
  3. When they attend the 3-day Business Mastery event, we will pay you 10% of all the courses and workshops they purchase during the event.

We look forward to paying these commissions to you because we firmly believe that helping others create abundance is the surest way of generating success and prosperity for ourselves. Commissions are paid upon receipt of payment from our customers; checks are then mailed to our referral partners on a monthly basis.

How We Track Your Referrals to Ensure You Get Credit

When you sign up to our Ambassador Program your contact information will be entered into our database. If you have someone contact us by phone or email, simply ensure they mention your name or Success # and we'll create a permanent reference link between them and you in our system.

If you want to refer them yourselves, we have a referral website which is www.KnowledgeActionProfit.com which you can send to your referrals to register them. It’s a simple as:

Sign up in Minutes and Benefit for Years

The simple fact is those customers who decide to use our programs, groups and workshops will more than likely continue using Make Your Mark for the life of their business. We provide small and medium sized businesses with most of the business tools they will need to grow their business with impunity for years. And large businesses who choose to use us will certainly perform their due diligence sufficiently to know that we're a solution they can plan a long future with, which means that a single referral from you could pay dividends for many years requiring nothing more of you beyond making the initial introduction.

If you're interested in playing your part as the essential link between Make Your Mark and the customers we know are out there looking for the solution we provide, we would be truly delighted to pay you for years to come.

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